How to use iTunes File Sharing

How to use MultiTrack DAW
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How to use iTunes File Sharing

Post by pwnified » Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:25 pm

Connect your device and select it using the button on the top, then on the left side click on the File Sharing section:
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"MultiTrack Documents" is a view of what is currently on the device. You have direct access to your MultiTrack songs and mixdowns, as well as the ability copy song folders out, and onto your computer for safe keeping, backup, sending to someone else, or getting a song onto another device.

With Mac, you can drag audio files in and out of "MultiTrack Documents". Windows users will need to use the Add... and Save To... buttons on the bottom. You can also use the delete keyboard key to delete items or song folders, but a word of warning, items deleted will be permanently deleted from the device so make sure you backup and/or copy them out of this folder before deleting, if it's something you want to save.

Even though you can copy a song folder out, unfortunately iTunes will not let you copy a folder back in. To get around this problem, you will need to "zip" the folder, using WinZip or another application that can create zip files. Mac users can right click a folder and select "Compress". Once a song folder is compressed to a zip, you can drag it back in (Mac), or use the "Add to..." button (Windows) to put the zipped song folder back into MultiTrack Documents. MultiTrack has full support for zipping or unzipping a song project as well (Touch-hold to zip, Tap to unzip)

These items will also will be visible in MultiTrack in the "Shared" tab of the Bin Browser. Also the Mixdown feature (in the "Sharing" tab of the "Help/Sharing/Upgrades" from the Menu) will render a final mix into this shared folder:
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