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Soundcraft MTK 12 connectivity issues

Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:10 pm
by jmha
Looking for any experience with the MultiTrack app on an iPad connected to a Soundcraft Signature MTK 12 via a USB camera connection. I'm experiencing intermittent recognition of the mixer audio interface - sometimes it's there, sometimes not. When it is, I can assign the USB channels and the app records multitrack fine. Occasionally I get an error message saying the function is not supported??? I've checked the cables and connections and all checks out - anything else I could try?

Re: Soundcraft MTK 12 connectivity issues

Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:11 am
by pwnified
Hi jmha,

Haven't heard anything specific about that particular mixer. If it's USB compliant it should work. The only supported adapters are the ones from apple, so first make sure to use the Apple Lightning to USB adapter. When exactly does the error message pop up, is it randomly? Or after you perform some function? It could be a power issue, or an iOS version compatibility issue as well. You might try a Soundcraft related support channel, they may have more information on this error message.