How to record 2 mono tracks with Alesis io Dock

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How to record 2 mono tracks with Alesis io Dock

Post by Sing4Joy » Mon Aug 15, 2011 2:31 am

This topic is for all Alesis io Dock users who haven't figured out how to record two mono signals (e.g. vocal + guitar) simultaneosly using MultiTrack DAW.

Of course, you could instead just record a stereo track, but maybe you want to EQ or add reverb to each track separately, or really need the two sources as separate tracks for later processing or overdubbing purposes. The approach below gives you far more freedom and far less hassle, since there is no need to split stereo tracks and add processing post-recording. Having two separate mono tracks also gives you the option of saving CPU power by recording each of your two mono tracks with certain effects on them. And last but not least, one of the major strengths of the Alesis io Dock over mere single-channel recording devices is that you CAN record two sources at once.

So here's how to do it (paraphrased from an e-mail kindly sent to me by the developer):

- Tap the small Arm button.
- When the large Arm button appears, note the small rectangular button below the large red light. This rectangular button can be touch-dragged up and down if you have a stereo input (or two mono inputs) and a track thats not recorded on.
- While this rectangle button is being held you should see arrows appear. You can drag up and down to change the setting to Mono 1 or Mono 2.
- Using an empty track, set it to Mono 1 and arm it
- Using another empty track, set it to Mono 2 and arm it.