Region 'Snapping'

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Region 'Snapping'

Post by Stackalee » Tue Dec 14, 2010 2:53 pm

When pasting more than one Region into the same track, it is very fiddly and time consuming trying to line them up accurately. It is very easy to do this inaccurately. At the moment I am having to fully zoom in, then place as accurately as possible them zoom back out.

It would massively help if there was a way of 'snapping' the beginning of the new/next region I am pasting in to the end of the previous one. Maybe toggling an option that if you 'overlap' a region it snaps to the end instead of cutting off the end.

Also it would be great if the app could give you exact info on the time placement of the beginning and end of regions so you could manually select the time for the beginning of a region you are pasting in, and it would automatically 'snap' to that time position in the song. This would help massively in trying to line up regions, not only within the same track but in different tracks also.

For me, my biggest issue with this app is accurately aligning regions. I'm not suggesting it can't be done already, but it could be sooo much easier.

It's a great app, and thanks for all the work you are doing on it.

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