JackFrankie recording drums

Post links to songs you made in here!
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JackFrankie recording drums

Post by Spinaker5000 » Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:33 pm

Go to Sound Cloud and search for JackFrankie. I have a few songs up there just instrumentals each one done over a few practices sessions over a couple of days, laid down some drums and made up some guitar parts over top along with some eq mixing etc... All drums and guitar played by myself (guitar haven't played for too long played drums off and on for a while, getting back into them more recently).

Not sure if anyone has recorded live drums yet with MultiTrack Daw but it works pretty well, portable easy to sit at the drums to use. I'm currently using 6 mics with Tascam US 800, amplitube and of course MultiTrack DAW on an iPad2.

If you have a listen make a comment or suggestion let me know what you think, try to be nice though I haven't been recording/mixing for long. :D

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Re: JackFrankie recording drums

Post by dogbox » Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:59 pm

really good quality recordings and playing. that helps me to decide on the tascam. if i can throw up 8 mics into a ipad thats a real bonus to not have lug my laptop - still got mic stands to worry about :)cheers

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