Perfecting guitar sounds, learning DAW

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Perfecting guitar sounds, learning DAW

Postby muzicman » Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:57 pm ... -in-am-wav ... k-in-d-wav

Checking out sound I can get, learning this new world of recording. Loving it! Until I can get my mind around learning to paste drum tracks and recording my own ideas, I just couldn't wait to really hear what kind of sound quality I could get, so I just jammed to some backing tracks.

Guitar chain as follows - home made Boost > Boss Super Overdrive > Wah > MXR Super Comp > Joyo American amp simulator > Joyo Analog Delay > iRig2 > iPod.

All analog until I hit the iPod. The amplitude stuff and precision grid stuff would feedback awful and sounded thin. Would love some constructive criticism, especially about the mix and mastering. I'm a little green in that area. Thanks.

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