A love song...again

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A love song...again

Post by Anorton » Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:59 pm

I put this song up here a few weeks ago right after I'd finished recording the vocal track (didn't sound too bad then). After listening to it the next day, I noticed how horrible the vocal track sounded and deleted it (apologies to anyone who listened!). Anyway, I left it alone for a while and decided to take another pass at the vocals and added an acoustic guitar part. I also tried taking the mixdown from MultiTrack and opening it on a track in AmpliTube's 8 track recorder to play around with AmpliTube's mastering effects. I added some light reverb, chorus, and compression to the mix I did in MultiTrack. The singing is better than the last pass, not great but I'm just doing all this for fun anyway. I'm having a lot of fun too!

Not making excuses, but I'm using in ear earbuds for everything, which is problematic when listening to this stuff through anything else. Perhaps someone will develop an app that will compensate for that too!

Anyway, I recorded the vocals and the acoustic guitar with the Blue Yeti microphone plugged into MultiTrack via the camera connection kit and powered USB hub. The piano is courtesy of the SmartPiano in GarageBand for iPad, and the cello is courtesy of ThumbJam.


I also recorded a version of an old Grateful Dead song called "Ripple". Anyone remember it? I always wanted to do an electric Rolling Stones country version of that tune, so I finally gave it a go. I used the Yeti for the vocals, Apple Loops in GarageBand for iPad for the drums, guitars and bass were recorded in Amplitube for iPad. I was able to record and mix it in about two hours start to "finish". It's loose and too loud, but that's rock and roll, right?


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Re: A love song...again

Post by pwnified » Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:15 pm

Ripple is rockin!

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