Dawning of the day 9/11 tribute

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Dawning of the day 9/11 tribute

Post by praisetracks » Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:20 am

Just posted this on YouTube

I recorded the vocal at Don's home using Multitrack with an Alesis iO Dock. We then filmed the location video with two Canon SD cameras. I played the backing track using a boombox and used the video audio for referencing.

I flew everything into SONAR X1 toedit the audio and then into VEGAS 7 to put the finishing touches on the video. It was tricky getting the audio to line up but I think it works.

I am the first to admit how inexperienced I am at the video side of things but it was a fun learning experience. One of the biggest things is how powerful and convenient Multitrack DAW is!

Simeon Amburgey

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