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by d4dg
July 3rd, 10:30 am
Forum: New Features
Topic: MultiTrack DAW 6
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Re: MultiTrack DAW 6

Really liking the update. Thanks.
by d4dg
January 24th, 11:42 am
Forum: Help Forum
Topic: Questions on Multitrack DAW
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Re: Questions on Multitrack DAW

Just the single effects bus for now, but you can always add AU reverbs to each track of course. Not as easy as turning up a single send knob admittedly. Per-region volume is not planned, but full track automation should be ready for release this summer. Automation would be very cool in MTD, looking...
by d4dg
May 15th, 2:00 am
Forum: New Features
Topic: MultiTrack DAW 5.0
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Re: MultiTrack DAW 5.0

Wowsers! That’s a lot of improvements! :D