Mix-down volume is too low

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Mix-down volume is too low

Post by korpride »

I've been using Daw for over 10 years, but for the latest version, the volume size is very small when mixed down.

It's the same if you have only one vocal track and adjust the out volume appropriately.

In versions a few years ago, you could re-call the output wav file and put in a compressor or adjust the output volume, but in current versions, the volume size is mixed down very small.

I barely explained it with a translator, so the sentence would be awkward, but I want to find a solution. Because I'm not considering the hassle of printing and mixing down on the pc again.
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Re: Mix-down volume is too low

Post by pwnified »

Hi korpride,

On export, MultiTrack will normalize the mixdown to be as loud as possible without clipping. Sometimes an export sounds quiet because there is a peak somewhere in the song, it has the effect of reducing the whole song to maintain this peak. This is a common issue with mixdowns. One way to fix it is to insert a peak limiter on the output in multitrack (OUT -> Main FX -> AudioUnits) and insert a compressor/limiter plugin.

You might try:
RoughRider3 (free)
4Pockets Compressor (4.99)
Bleass Compressor (6.99)
Blue Mangoo Multiband Compressor (7.99)
Korvpressor (9.99, iPad only)
FabFilter Pro-MB (24.99, iPad only)

ToneBoosters Barricade (8.99) also looks awesome, haven't tried it yet.

Hope this helps,
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