MultiTrack Wav files to Logic issue (clicks/etc)

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MultiTrack Wav files to Logic issue (clicks/etc)

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Hey folks,

I have been using MultiTrack in stand alone on my iPad for almost a year. I recently acquired Logic Pro X and tried to pull of a recording to port over to Logic.

I was using MultiTrack with an Apogee Duet for Mac/iOS (latest model) on my iPad. I recorded 4 tracks at 24 bit 96 kHz. I then connected the iPad to iTunes and pulled off the 4 wav files and pulled them into a new Logic session (with the same default sample rate). When I then played the tracks in Logic I noticed some odd clicks and issues with the tracks (or at least with Logic playing them).

I read internally that there can be issues with the wav container vs AIFF (which is Logics default format). I used a product called XLD to do lossless conversion of the MultiTrack wav files to AIFF format and imported the AIFF files into Logic and everything seemed to work better.

Is this a common sort of issue people see when moving the files from MultiTrack to a Desktop DAW?

Does anyone have a better workflow to follow or recommendations on how to better manage this a little more seamlessly?
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