Spark Digital and low input level

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Spark Digital and low input level

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Hi, I just recorded two tracks, one after the other to be used together for accompaniment, using my Spark Digital mic, on iPad 2/ios 7. It's an acoustic instrument with the mic set within 3 feet of the instrument.

How to I get a higher recording level? There is barely any action on the VU and I think there should be clipping when it's at maximum at the level of sound I am recording.

I was not able to get a really adequate signal even with the input level set to max. Thus, on playback, there was barely enough signal available to the amplifier even at max. volume to use for accompaniment to lay down another track.

(I have set Measurement Mode on although it is not clear to me whether this has any effect on recording levels with an external mic.)

Anyway I can't find any other controls to tweak--what am I missing?
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