Feature Request: FX reset

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Feature Request: FX reset

Post by TimRyland »

Would it be possible to make the settings on the FX, i:e Reverb, Delay, EQ reset to their defaults with a double tap?
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Re: Feature Request: FX reset

Post by pwnified »

Historically I've been against double-tap because of the abrupt nature of it and it's a little hard to get it right. There are other places where I've purposefully avoided it, in favor of a little reset buttons like on the volume fader and pan controls. Also, in the Effects, the idea of having presets and undo buttons instead. But I'm not completely against double-tap, for knobs that need to be centered like the dB controls on the EQ or the No-Clip knob, I think it could work. Another way is to have a little 'indent' where an area close to the target will pull the knob to. Thanks for the thoughts
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