Behringer Flow 8 Digital Mixer - Is Fully Compatible with Multitrack DAW

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Behringer Flow 8 Digital Mixer - Is Fully Compatible with Multitrack DAW

Post by DigiPep »

Years ago, I used to record many of my live gigs using a Yamaha Mixer's Direct Outs feeding a Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 which was connected to my iPhone 8 Plus then later an iPhone 11 Pro Max. I always transferred the WAV files into my iMac and mixed down to stereo using Logic Pro X.

I recently purchased a Behringer Flow 8 8-Input Digital Mixer with Bluetooth Audio and App Control which I have sitting on top of my Yamaha CP73 Stage Piano. I'm running two vocal mics, my piano in stereo, a BeatBuddy Drum Machine and a Sennheiser e 906 guitar amp mic into a recently purchased Behringer Flow 8 channel Digital Mixer. The Main outputs of this mixer are going into a pair of QSC K8.2 Powered Speakers. I also use a pair of (newly acquired) Bose S1 Pro speakers as a keyboard and vocal monitor.

It dawned on me yesterday that the Behringer Flow 8 is Class Compliant and in that moment, I had an epiphany!

Gee, I wondered, would I be able to record all of the audio going through the Flow 8 using Harmonicdog's Multitrack DAW?

Yes! And it works seamlessly! Along with the 8 input channels I'm also able to record Tracks 9 & 10 which is the the Stereo Mix.

Equipment Used:
5th Generation iPad Pro running iOS 15.41
Satechi USB-C On-The-Go Multiport 9-in-1 Portable USB Hub Compatible with 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Pro & Max etc.
RavPower PD Pioneer 26800mAh Portable Charger which powers the iPad Pro and the Flow 8
Yamaha CP73 Stage Piano
BeatBuddy Drum Machine

iOS App List:
Flow - Behringer's Control App which uses Low Energy Bluetooth to Control all of the Hardware Mixer's Setting. You can Save and Load Presets adjust EQ, Reverb & Delay Effects, 2 Monitor Sends and a whole lot more.
Jamzone - A company which sells MultiTrack Backing Tracks. I only use tracks around 25% of the time.
GoodReader - Where I can store and display all of my PDF lyrics and music charts.
OnSong 2020 - I can touch the name of a Song or a Beat and have it wirelessly send program change info to the BeatBuddy to cue up the next Song or Beat at a predetermined tempo.
iReal Pro
Last but not least: MultiTrack DAW from Harmonicdog. Yeah!

One of the critical connections is made using a USB Type A from the Satechi Hub to a USB Type B which plugs into the back of the Flow 8 mixer so that USB Audio from Jamzone's Backing Tracks have a Direct Connection to the mixer. You can control the volume of that audio using the Flow Control App or the BT/USB Volume Knob on the top panel on the right hand side of the hardware mixer. The other USB Connection from the Satechi Hub provides power to Micro-USB connection on the back of the Flow 8.

Hope that this Post helps someone out there who's looking for a compatible USB Interface to use alongside the wonderful and rock solid Multitrack DAW app!
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Re: Behringer Flow 8 Digital Mixer - Is Fully Compatible with Multitrack DAW

Post by pwnified »

Nice, thx for the writeup!
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Re: Behringer Flow 8 Digital Mixer - Is Fully Compatible with Multitrack DAW

Post by Weogo »

Hi DigiPep,

Works for me as well with the Flow 8.
Also works with a Mackie DL16S.

Thanks and good health, Weogo
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