Edit multiple tracks simultaneously

How to use MultiTrack DAW
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Edit multiple tracks simultaneously

Post by mkt987 »

How can I select multiple tracks so I can perform the same editing action on them simultaneously? For example I want to remove the first few seconds from each track, but if I do this separately for each track then my tracks might end up unsynchronized if I'm not careful.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Edit multiple tracks simultaneously

Post by pwnified »

There isn’t a multi region trim yet, but you can use the Snap feature to help with this and keep the regions synchronized. Start by editing one region and only adjust the start point to where it should go. Then turn on Snap in the Menu, and for each remaining region, edit the start point; the Snap feature will snap to any ruler line but also any other region (in this case, snap it to the first region you edited).

If you are trying to trim the start of a song, you could then select all the regions at the same time, and slide them down all at once.
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