Upgrade to 16 tracks

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Upgrade to 16 tracks

Post by xbenderx »

Hello I'm using multitrack daw on my iphone and ipad. Recently I`ve upgraded from 8 to 16 tracks (using my iphone), but in my Ipad i`ve still have only 8 tracks. Shouldn`t have it upgraded to 16 tracks too?
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Re: Upgrade to 16 tracks

Post by pwnified »

Hi xbenderx,
Yes, purchases should transfer to all your devices signed in with the same Apple ID. MultiTrack uses iCloud to synchronize the 'Add more tracks' upgrade across devices, so make sure iCloud is enabled (Settings app > iCloud > Show All > MultiTrack > ON)

iCloud can sometimes take a while to sync, depending on other data or other settings that need to be synced that is ahead of multitrack in the pipeline.

Also the Apple iCloud Servers themselves can occasionally have issues.

The 'Restore Purchases' button in multitrack will request another verification, you can tap that button to force another synchronization request. Try it on both devices and with any luck, the purchases will transfer.
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