Share songs between iPhone and iPad

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Share songs between iPhone and iPad

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I am new to this wonderful app and have recorded some songs on my iPhone. Is there a way to set it up so that songs are automatically shared to my iPad? Or do I have to export the stems/mix down to files? And then import them?I can see mention of iTunes in the help file but as far as I know iTunes doesn’t exist anymore. So what’s the best way of sharing between the two devices?
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Re: Share songs between iPhone and iPad

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Hi musabaju,
You can share the whole song projects to other devices. Use Finder on a mac, and with the devices connected with USB, you can copy/drag the projects around. Each song is actually a folder, but will appear as single 'packages' with the 'mtdaw' file extension. On windows, we must still use iTunes to access this file sharing feature.

You can also share the projects using AirDrop from device to device. From the song menu, long-touch the song icon until it begins to shake, then tap the 'zip' icon to create an archive of the song. If you long-touch on this new zip archive, you can now use all the typical iOS sharing options to send this archive to other devices. Using AirDrop, it will open on the new device, chose 'open in MultiTrack' and it will be placed into the multitrack Documents folder on that new device.

Another way is to use the Files app and browse into the local MultiTrack documents folder, from there, you should be able to copy/paste/move songs to the iCloud folder, which will then be synced to your other devices. On the other device, then move it from the iCloud folder into the local multitrack documents to continue working on it.

Understandably this is not an automatic system to share between devices. I started to add a system of shared song access and syncing to iCloud automatically, but having the song open in 2 places at once became overly complicated. It would be nice though, to be able to collaboratively work on the song from more than one device. Maybe a bit easier to implement would be to lock the project, so that it can only be open in one place at a time. But even that has issues with network-disconnected devices and merging of branched projects.
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