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Re: Feature request

Post by ayampols »

ZenLizard wrote:Whenever MT is added to the output of Audiobus, a new song – new song 1, new song 2, new song 3, etc. – is generated automatically.
@pwnified, please make this behavior stop. For those of us who use Audiobus frequently, this gets very tedious, very quickly.

For exemplary behavior in this regard, I refer to Loopy HD. It never creates new sessions, nor does it add unwanted tracks. MT DAW should work the same way -- if we have a song open, please don't create a new song.
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Re: Feature request

Post by martygras »

I believe there's an update in the works. I know I'm always excited to see what's added/fixed/improved.

Yes the Audiobus thing is annoying, but it's only a minor annoyance to me. It is probably due to having different workflows.
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Re: Feature request

Post by GuiltySouls »

I've been using MT DAW for couple of weeks now and I love it, but I would like to recommend volume automation for a new feature. I record guitar and vocals using the iRig PRE, and when mixing it is a necessity. Thx!
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Re: Feature request

Post by pwnified »

Hmm, that's the behavior which I thought it was doing! It should open the last song, but I see now that there is a problem when the app is completely shut down, it seems to always open a new song when started through audiobus. Thanks for the heads up and apologies!
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