MIDI Clock (useful for sync with Audiobus apps)

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MIDI Clock (useful for sync with Audiobus apps)

Post by DrApostropheX »

THANK YOU so much for supporting Audiobus right out of the gate! Multitrack DAW support is one of the reasons I picked up Audiobus on day one. But now that more apps are supporting Audiobus, and I want to create projects where numerous drum machine apps and synth/sequencer apps are all contributing, some way to sync-start them all so that when I record them in Multitrack DAW all the tracks are aligned would be very useful.

Are there any plans to make Multitrack DAW either slave to or provide MIDI Clock for song start/stop? I can of course align all the tracks manually after they're recorded (and would probably have to do a little of this anyway to allow for the different amounts of latency is each synth app), but having the app provide clock (or respond to it) would be really useful.

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Re: MIDI Clock (useful for sync with Audiobus apps)

Post by Zoomer »

Hi DrApostropheX! We've been discussing this in this thread. :)

I totally agree that at this point MIDI Clock, Start, Stop Continue, and SPP would be perfect addons to Multitrack DAW.
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Re: MIDI Clock (useful for sync with Audiobus apps)

Post by Bendy »

Plus one

We would then have the killer combo
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Re: MIDI Clock (useful for sync with Audiobus apps)

Post by Vilhelmo »

Another BIG plus one from here!

Right now it's frustrating to record drum-loops from funkbox because it takes me 20-30 tries to manually get the tempo of the two apps synchronized.

I know I can trim a recording but having midi clock sync would greatly increase the speed it takes to put a song or a beat together!

Please please please add this feature soon - otherwise I have to buy another DAW-app that supports it.
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