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Mogg Support

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Do you have any plans to Multitrack DAW support Mogg files direct import?

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Re: Mogg Support

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We can already import/export ogg files, so It doesn't seem too much of a stretch to support a mogg file. Unless there's a licensing issue.

Once the file was imported it would have to be up-converted to the format of the current project settings, then hopefully be separated out to individual tracks.

I don't know if there is much need for it though. IMO.

It appears to have been created mainly for "ROCKBAND" type uses and that is an end user format. Not necessarily a recordable format.
I believe it is mainly for removing one instrument/track at a time, or being able to re-mix commercially available pop and rock music.
i.e. Karaoke with electronic drums and guitars... (and I use the term guitars loosely)

The best solution (imo) would be to have an external program split the file into separate wav or ogg files, which could then be imported individually.

The problem may be that it would encourage/facilitate illegal distribution of re-mixed Brittany Spears songs. :)

FYI: Audacity currently will open a mogg.
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