Possible export option?

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Possible export option?

Post by Tadol »

This may be impossible, or unworkable, but it seems useful -

The only "library" that I can easily access on my ipad is "photos" . I can shoot a movie, with audio and video, and email it, upload it, transfer it, listen to it, send it to airplay - all because many apps have access to or can read from this photo library. Not so with audio / wav files -

So could my mixes be exportable or saved to the photo library? It could just have a lo-res graphic, but with the high quality audio file att'd. That way I could access and easily upload audio to websites, or other apps, or ??? - all without using another computer.

Just a thought - Thanks -
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Re: Possible export option?

Post by pwnified »

It's an interesting idea, I've thought about hijacking the image library before. In fact you could encode audio data into lossless images.
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