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Sticky Regions

Posted: June 21st, 11:39 am
by JeffCharles
I love DAW and have been working heavily with it the last few months, using the Alesis iO4 - one roadblock to perfection is the lack of fader and pan automation, but I have a bigger problem that is perhaps just related to my fat fingers and lack of 'gesturing' experience on touch screens - Sticky Regions.

I'm currently using DAW by opening a new song and tracking ideas into the song, serially. Then I go back and work on the song as a Session, which will have multiple songs. This may not be as envisioned by pwnyfied, but works for me.

It would be very nice in this mode to be able to create multiple regions and perhaps name them uniquely. If my usage is off base, I'll still complain that in a traditional 'Song', any region I create I usually wind up moving or erasing due to an ambiguous UI gesture on the timeline. Mostly, trying to set the cursor at some point will cause region reset or clear.

This is most likely due to my crude grasp of gestures, but it would be very good to be able to 'Lock' the region markers, requiring two gestures or modal confirmation to resize, move, or clear an existing region.

Fantastic Product, I'll be posting some SoundCloud links soon. Thank you, HarmonicDog, I'm working better in 100 sq. ft now than I ever did in 1000 in years gone by.