Separate Output/Input Levels

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Separate Output/Input Levels

Post by Tabbycat »

Aside from more effects (gate, autotune?), I really have only one request -- and it's minor.

How about a Track Output pot, separate from each Track Input?

I really need to change track output frequently when dubbing new tracks. Problem is, I need to retain the original input level for the track, in case I have to redo something. Being allowed only 1 setting per track for both input and output just doesn't work for me.

Maybe you could somehow use the same physical slider for both, but have two different colors or some such?

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Re: Separate Output/Input Levels

Post by martygras »

I believe the input fader is located at the bottom left of the screen. the faders on each track are the standard output mix faders.
When you copy several tracks to the clipboard and paste them all to a single stereo track, the mix derived from those faders is preserved, as are the fx, eq etc.

In addition, a new "bin" is created for the pasted track.

I hope that makes sense.

Some of us are using 2-8 track interfaces, and the interfaces usually have their own separate input levels on the interface itself, including phantom power and some have high impedance switches for use as guitar preamps.

As effects go, I am completely happy with the quality of the provided effects. Any additional effects, I would prefer to use a separate app in the effects slot of Audiobus.

The most common feature request at this point is mix automation or midi enabled control over level/pan/send levels, etc.
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