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Files and Folders

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here's an idea for an improvement: It would be great if the user was able to create folders to store the files in. At the moment, all of the project files are stored in the same screen, which makes it hard to find things, especially with a lot of projects.

I would like to be able to create folders and decide which folder a project goes in. This way, I could create a folder for jams, one for playalongs, one for covers, one for blues, one per idea, etc.

I know that GarageBand has the same simplistic approach that Multitrack currently has, and I think that adding more sophisticated file/folder functionality to Multitrack would be a great addition to make it even more professional.

This would of course mean adding functionality for moving projects between folders, deleting folders, nesting folders and probably some more.

What do you think?
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Re: Files and Folders

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I would be surprised if this wasn't on Pwnified's list of features to fix/add.

I think it's a good idea.
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