Request: Bounce or Mixdown to other apps.

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Request: Bounce or Mixdown to other apps.

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I'm specifically interested in bouncing mono tracks to either Audioshare or Auria.

To Audioshare, you can do it via Copy -the parts from a track- to Clipboard; and then Paste from Clipboard in Audioshare.

It works quite well.

But a direct option to Bounce or Mixdown to another app would actually be fantastic. And would save a lot of time.

I am trying to make a 5 song Demo. All acoustic. Nothing electronic. And I am recording in Multitrack DAW. I will then mix, edit and mixdown in Auria -basically because of the external plugins one can use-. I have already tried to record everything in Auria, but was not succesful. The recording process was not as easy and friendly as with Multitrack DAW. But the mixing, editing and postprocessing features in Auria are fantastic.

So, to be able to send bounces directly to another app would greatly enhance the friendly user experience.

I'll do it all with an iPad Mini.

Thanks for reading.

Kind regards.
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