Mixdown issues

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Mixdown issues

Post by Honeycroft »

First off, I'm not here to bash MT. It's a fantastic app and I do been happily using it for about 4 years.

However, since the latest update I've been having issues with how the mixdowns sound. Eg I did a mo down of a song and when I heard the mixdown I was shocked to hear the track levels differing from how they were set. Vocals were suddenly pushed high in the mix.

I'm using an iPhone 4S with ios7. One factor could be using AUFX-space in one of there's is IAA. Perhaps that's canning the CPU. Or perhaps having only 300MB memory is a factor.

I really don't know but basically I have to mixdown each track I want an effect on and reapers and remove the effect from slot.

Also if I use MT in audiobus, the final recording comes up with loads of stuttering and skips.
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Re: Mixdown issues

Post by pwnified »

The AUFX apps don't have unity gain by default, so if they can't be initialized during the mixdown the track will fall back to not having the effect. Thus the volume boost. I've also had some problems with the aufx apps in this regard, they seem to not startup properly sometimes. IAA in general is pretty flakey to be honest. There's no real 'best practices' documentation that app makers can follow, even the simplistic example apps are buggy.

About stuttering and skipping in audiobus, you might try a larger buffer size. Reboot your device and start Audiobus first, and change the buffersize from there. If that doesn't do it, it's probably the other app using too much CPU. All we can do in that case is plead with the developer to optimize their code better.
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