Scrubbing function needed - & locate points

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Scrubbing function needed - & locate points

Post by martygras »

I'm having a heck of a time editing a waveform that barely shows, so I really need to be able to control the transport speed and/or scrub with the timeline.

I recorded some vinyl that skipped a few times and am trying to remove the skips so that it is seamless, but I can't see the waveform, and the cursor moves way too fast depending on the view magnification.

Assignable locate points are sorely missing from the editing functions too.

These are common to many audio editors and I think they would make the app much more useable.
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Re: Scrubbing function needed - & locate points

Post by pwnified »

I've wanted to add scrubbing forever. At some point, it will make it in, but I can't promise it will be included for the next update. You bring up an important point on the automatic follow feature, it could use an overhaul. At least it shouldn't follow when zoomed in close, and/or explode when the playhead passes the view window. I'll keep the locate points feature in mind as well. Thanks for the feedback!
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Re: Scrubbing function needed - & locate points

Post by Telefunky »

I second locate points, too
ideally in context with a begin-end of a (named) region
regions could appear in a list and be inserted at cursor position
but I'd rather prefer a precise selection mode with optional zero-crossing instead of scrubbing
(scrubbing in a general context might be useful, though)
currently I do all rough tracking in MT-DAW, then I transfer by WLAN to SAW-Studio for cut and arrangement
(the scenario martygras mentioned above would be handled effortlessly in that application)

the big trick with SAW is that it keeps the cursor centered while zooming (controlled by mouse-wheel)
point near target, push the dial, correct position, zoom a bit more and you have it sample accurate within 3 movements - from a 5 minutes overview to 0.5 ms
when I have the proper start position, I press 'b' (for begin), same with 'e' (for end),
region gets highlighted, press 'n' (for name),
dialog pops up (ready to go), type some 'bla bla', return,
dialog closes and region 'bla bla' is added to the audio inventory

it's simple and extremely fast - and it doesn't fatigue because the focus is kept at one location
such features could set MT-DAW quite ahead from competitiors
what I described was an optimized handling for a PC - not applicable on a tablet of course
(to be honest I hate iPad apps that simply mimick their PC counterpart)
so it's more about the 'strategic' approach - which steps are important
but: I use a $800 application just for these 2 features, didn't find them in any regular DAW
(saves me a ton of time and nerves)

MT-DAW has a nice interface, with few clutter and comes closest to this on the iPad
like designer Dieter Rams once said: less, but better
(the famous Braun kitchen radio with the station dial is one of his works)

cheers, Tom
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