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Re: MultiTrack DAW 4

Post by superppp »

I do not have the freeze option after upgrading my iphone 4 (ios 7)
But it works on my tablet v.2 (ios 9)

At starting, I see ne new version of Multitrack is installed on the iphone too.

Is it a bug, is there a solution or do I need another iphone...
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Re: MultiTrack DAW 4.0

Post by pwnified »

Ah yes, the iPhone 4. So the freeze tracks are intended for freezing out Inter-App Audio (IAA) tracks to reduce processing, and since the iPhone 4 can't do IAA, it was disabled. You would think that freezing a track would help for the built-in effects, like the compressor and eq, right? Well, it didn't, this is mainly because the freeze data is stored on disk as floating point format, so it's already twice as big as the regular track data at 16 bit. And the disk access required to stream the extra size from disk was actually slower than streaming the original track and applying the compressor and eq. This is because the comp/eq are pretty well optimized.

On devices later than the iPhone 4, it's recommended to only use the freeze on tracks that have IAA effects. In fact there might be a warning, or even a prevention of freeze, on tracks without IAA.
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Re: MultiTrack DAW 4.0

Post by dcollins710 »

I just tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, and now I'm having issues with Family Sharing. I'll get back to you on whether or not I'm still having issues.[/quote]
I see what your saying now. These menus are mostly unresponsive on the newest devices, also the song menu can't exit the edit mode (icons shaking mode). It's possible to get them to respond, by tapping very, very lightly and quickly. But I've fixed the issue and have submitted a new version (4.1). I've also used my one-time 'rush' approval process to get the update through. It's currently in review and should be ready sometime today.[/quote]

Thanks for the update! I just bought an iPad Air 2 128GB and downloaded MTDAW. Looks amazing, can't wait to use it!
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Re: MultiTrack DAW 4.0

Post by Telefunky »

just noticed:
tracking a direct signal (say ioDock input-1) and it's IAA counterpart (JamUp) is now sample accurate
there's no more latency dependant displacement between the tracks
(the result is identical regardless of buffersize/time)
iirc that wasn't always so, great job
at least with audiobus there was an offset, not shure about IAA in that context

what puzzles me: one of the signals is inverted towards the other
no big deal, as re-inversion is simple, the question is more for curiosity's sake

cheers, Tom
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Re: MultiTrack DAW 4.0

Post by anfirmor »

Just noticed that the gain reduction meter sticks when the compressor is turned off during playback, but only in the master section. No biggy just looks a bit odd.
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Re: MultiTrack DAW 4.0

Post by pwnified »

Oh yes, thanks!
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