Export Whole Project to Other DAWs

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Export Whole Project to Other DAWs

Post by MusicRav »

i'm sure this has been brought up many times, and there may be some technical reason why it can't be done. But would sure love a way to share my project with other collaborators who don't use this app and/or to be able to export my project into Logic for greater mixing/mastering the etc. options.

I actually find myself using Multitrack DAW (Usually in a Audiobus chain), as my go-to DAW for almost most of my music creating, and even with upgrades on my Mac, I still prefer it for its ease-of-use. But this becomes a problem when I want to collaborate or do any of the things mentioned above.

Again, I'm sure I'm not the first person to bring this up, and it's probably a broken record by now. There must be some technical reason why it's not an easy fix.

Anyway, hope it can happen someday in the future.

Thanks for a great app and for having this community.

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Re: Export Whole Project to Other DAWs

Post by pwnified »

Hi Steve,

Yeah I've looked at this countless times in the past. The main problem is, there doesn't seem to be a simple output format that the community can agree on. So far all we get are bloated formats designed by committee like AAF, which is like a database with all kinds of nonsense. I didn't want to bloat multitrack with it even though it would be the most ideal, because it supports virtually everything and all types of data. I've also looked at OMF but it has a bunch of limitations. An idea would be to use the Reaper format, but then even more conversions are necessary going to and from multitrack.

Another idea was to convert the multitrack format, which is a simple plist file plus the projects wav files, separately on a computer then all development of the converter would be external to multitrack. I set up a python script to get this started:
https://github.com/pwnified/Harmonicdog ... Project.py

There are AAF libraries for python and the entire converter could be written in it, to convert a multitrack project to and from a monolithic aaf file, just haven't had the time to go in and learn the format :(

Thanks for the interest, and if anyone has ideas you're welcome to share :)
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