Loop / Repeat regions?

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Loop / Repeat regions?

Post by Dazzaxjr »

Would be good to be able to repeat regions instead of having to cut/paste multiple times. Perhaps you could specify the number of repeats.

EG. For a simple 12 bar blues pattern, you could cut/paste in a 1 bar pattern from Drumbeats+ and set for 11 repeats.

BTW, Really loving the app, only purchased yesterday after looking at least 6-7 other iOS apps. All the other ones have gotten so bloated and need latest iPad hardware to run. So nice to see a stripped down simple DAW for home use that still runs on iPad 2/3 without problems.

Noticed that there's been no updates for a year though, Is there anything in the pipeline? ;)

One happy customer!
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Re: Loop / Repeat regions?

Post by pwnified »

Hi Dazzaxjr,

It's a great suggestion, originally the reason it didn't have easier looping had to do with a really technical boring answer :) involving caches. But I really should look into this again. It seems to be a common pattern of pasting a loop and needing to simply drag a loop handle to repeat it. Thanks for the request.

We've been trying to get an update out for months, unfortunately there are some hangups with audiobus and other dependencies. It shouldn't be long though, hopefully next week.
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