How to use the 'Sound Copy' App Extension

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How to use the 'Sound Copy' App Extension

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Sound Copy is an external app extension that allows copying of audio files to the General Pasteboard outside of MultiTrack. Using this app extension will save a step, it is useful to avoid a file copy into multitrack and subsequent copy to the pasteboard. It also avoids cluttering up the shared folder in multitrack and all the wasted filespace and it's faster.

The Sound Copy App Extension is installed when you install MultiTrack and should appear in the iOS sharing menu, available to any app with sharing capabilities. But if it's not appearing, it may need to be enabled. Tap the 'More' button from the Sharing menu of the other app:
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Then enable the app extension:
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Now the extension should be visible:
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When you tap the button for Sound Copy, information about the file will be displayed, as well as conversion options for how the copy should be made to the General Pasteboard. It supports all the common wav formats:
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Next tap the 'Copy' button to make the copy. The audio will be converted to wav, and resampled to the selected samplerate and bit depth using production quality samplerate converters, and placed on the General Pasteboard. No samplerate conversion will occur if the source and destination formats match.

You can then open MultiTrack or any other app that supports Copy/Paste and paste onto a track:
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