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Midi & Select All

Posted: August 18th, 6:13 am
by Strum27
First off, great update recently! Mulitrack’s feature set has become very rich and is a nice DAW to work with. Sometimes though I want to select all the tracks (or most) and contents and slide or move them.Right now it’s a tedious process of holding Shift and tapping all sections in each track. The ability to finger drag across multiple tracks/sections would be a big plus to me.

Second, i’m not a big midi user but sometimes it just fits the need. I’ve used MTD for a few years now and for me the lack of midi function is a big drawback. I end up switching to another DAW and using that for awhile till eventually some lack in that tool causes me to search for solutions and I come back to MTD.

Thanks for your work, and listening to your users!