Spatial Audio + Multitrack DAW

New Features and requests for new features
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Spatial Audio + Multitrack DAW

Post by voyageaudio »

Thank you so much for creating and regularly updating this app! I've used it for years for various recording.

My new company Voyage Audio has a 2nd order Spatial Mic, which connects without issue via it's USB interface and can record the signals from it's 8 capsules in the field directly into Multitrack DAW. It's the best app out there to do this and we link to this app on our website and user manual! My feature request is to be able to record 8 channel .wav files for our mic. That way we don't have to create 4 separate stereo tracks and join them later. Further, it would become a standard for the Spatial Audio community if we can record, say 4, 8, 10 and 16 channel .wav files for 1st, 2nd and 3rd order ambisonics. Again, no other app on iOS or Android can do this, but it's standard in DAWs like Reaper.

Beyond that, Dropbox sync for file transfer would also be convenient.

Thanks again for making a great field recording app! 8-)
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Re: Spatial Audio + Multitrack DAW

Post by pwnified »

That'd be an interesting feature. I think the hard part is how to implement the panning control and represent the waveform data in compact views, the track VUMeter is also fairly scrunched. I suppose extra channels could be dropped out from display in compact mode. I can imagine all kinds of UI improvements to make this feasible though, like a mic placement UI for a 3D panner. I'm going to think about this. Thanks kind words and ideas. And nice Mic!
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Re: Spatial Audio + Multitrack DAW

Post by garthpaine »

Well, I just purchased a Spatial Mic and love that it can record over USB directly into iOS. I am used to using a professional field recorder that records all channels into a single file which keeps them synchronous which is critical for ambisonic audio. I therefore looked at MultiTrack as Voyage mention it on their site, and found it dod not contain a multichannel track. I use this function all the time in Reaper and it is essential to ambisonics, so id love to see it in MultiTrack - it would be for recording only, not needed for post production or mixing as that requires dedicated ambisonic plugins. Although if you read AU plugins and Voyage produced their plugin in that format it could become the first iOS ambisonic solution. Thanks, Garth
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