MultiTrack DAW 5.0.4

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MultiTrack DAW 5.0.4

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If you are not seeing the update, please visit the MultiTrack DAW product page on the App Store ... d329322101

5.0.4 Bugfixes:
Fix: backgrounding on older devices

5.0.3 Bugfixes:
AU/IAA compatibility fixes

5.0.2 Bugfixes:
iOS 13 compatibility updates.
Fix: Chipmunk bug on frozen mono tracks without effects on mixdown.
Fix: Folder renaming from the listbox no longer removes text after dot(.) in the folder name.
Fix: Memory leak when closing songs with armed AU/IAA input plugins (generators/instruments).
Fix: Projects over 16 tracks were hearing the underlying audio track when recording on a track.
Fix: Better compatibility with AU/IAA plugins.

5.0.1 Bugfixes:
Fixed song menu subicons for delete(X), zip, and rename box on 3x devices.
Removed Bluetooth Low Energy, all bluetooth must now use A2DP due to poor sound quality.
Set 'showsCloudItems' to NO in Music browser, music must be downloaded using the Music app before import.
Fixed touch offset when dragging items and hovering over the Back button in song menu for devices with safety margins.
Fixed placement of Input selector and AU/IAA effects panel and resized accordingly when rotating device.
Fixed dynamic bubble placement for knob helpers.
Fixed listbox content staying open when resized, content must close when resizing.
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