Input Gain Slider in Vertical Mode

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Input Gain Slider in Vertical Mode

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I have been recording with an iPhone 4s and an iPhone 5.

And I noticed that when the phones are set horizontally, everything is as it should.

But when they are in set vertically, the IN and OUT sliders are lost and I can't find a way to access them. I have found it a bit problematic to adjust input gain levels while in vertical mode specially with a microphone like the Rode iXY that has no external knobs or dials.

Could a feature like a "long touch" be implemented to access them in vertical mode?

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Re: Input Gain Slider in Vertical Mode

Post by pwnified »

The vertical mode is a fairly new feature and it needed to work on the old small devices or an iPad in 1/3 vertical splitscreen, these configurations needed some buttons removed. This is known as horizontally compact mode, unfortunately they classify many other devices, even the iPhone 6S+ like this even when there is more than enough space.

I was considering squeezing one more button, but funnily enough, I thought the OUT fader would be more useful because it also opens the bus/master effects.

A new type of button could work, which unfolds vertically, revealing more buttons. The IN and OUT fader and the bus/mast effects could be unified into this button stack.

Another idea is if all the controls in general stay up on the screen instead of automatically retracting. You could open the IN fader in landscape mode and then rotate to portrait and the fader would stay on screen, until another fader is opened or a background tap is performed (single tap on the background and release without moving). If you dismissed the IN fader, you'd have to rotate back to landscape.
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