Feature Request - Template/Copy/MP3 recording/AutoARMing

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Feature Request - Template/Copy/MP3 recording/AutoARMing

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Would love to see the following features (or explain if there is a way to do that I missed):

MP3 recording: Recording 14 channels of WAV audio for an hour and a half eats up a TON of memory. Would love to be able to record MP3 instead.
Template: I'd like to be able to create a template and name each channel, set the inputs, etc. and then create a new song based on that template.
Copy: If I could copy songs, then having a blank one with items created would work like a template.
AutoARMing: I'd like that template to work in such a way that I can use it to create a song, it will open, have all my tracks setup and named and all ARMed so that all you have to do is press record/play to start it.
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Re: Feature Request - Template/Copy/MP3 recording/AutoARMing

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The template idea can be done now, use the 'zip' feature from the song menu (long-touch a song icon). First create a song with all the tracks armed but don't record anything. Get all the settings you want dialed in. Then close the song, long-touch it, and archive it with the zip icon. Now, whenever you need a song from the template, tap it to unzip.

If you open a song (which has all the tracks armed) without the interface plugged in accidentally, it won't be able to arm the tracks. Just close the song without changing anything. The song wont be resaved if you didn't change anything. Then just plug the interface in and open the song again and the tracks should be armed.

As far as mp3 recording, probably not. MultiTrack uses lossless wav as the source authoring format so that encoding artifacts don't progress through the whole chain. Also processing, it's a fairly heavy CPU load to compress to mp3 and only the newest devices would be capable of that many encodes in real time, it wouldn't leave much cpu for anything else. It might be possible to use an internal format like Apple Lossless (ALAC) to cut filesize in about half, without too much processor load... this might be a possibility. Thanks for the requests!
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