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Feature Request: Loop Markers

Posted: May 19th, 2:02 am
by TimRyland
Whilst the Loop Markers are great and really useful when practicing a new piece they sometimes feel a bit cumbersome to use. Would it be possible to do the following:-

Delete a loop just by, say, double tapping anywhere in the loop area or ruler. If you’ve got quite a long loop and the tracks expanded vertically it takes quite a few swipes to delete the loop area.

Similarly, could we set loop markers by a tap, rather than a drag. For example tap for start of loop, play until you get to where you want loop to end and tap there to set loop.

Also, a nice to have would be able to save loop marker in the Song.

Also, noticed sometime ago someone suggested Keyboard support, this would make loop setting easy via a Keyboard/Airturn pedal. This would also be great to use an Airturn pedal to control Start/Pause/Rewind.

Thanks for a great app,


Re: Feature Request: Loop Markers

Posted: May 20th, 1:22 am
by TimRyland
Sorry, didn’t realise loop markers persisted when you closed a song and were still there when you re-opened it. That’s really useful.

Re: Feature Request: Loop Markers

Posted: May 24th, 2:04 pm
by pwnified
To quickly remove the Loop markers, tap and drag left. (ie. tap anywhere in the Ruler except a loop marker handle, and drag left).
But yeah I think there is more to be done on this, for example when dragging a handle it really should scroll the display when it gets close to the edge of the display (similar to how moving a region or dragging the playhead does). I'll put it on the list, thanks for the feedback!

I'll also look into the idea of keyboard control, not sure how this would work but I'll see.

Re: Feature Request: Loop Markers

Posted: May 24th, 11:01 pm
by TimRyland
Ahh!, didn’t realise you could delete Loop markers like that. That’s so much easier, save having to keep scrolling back to delete.

Yea, scrolling to set loop markers would be great.

Many thanks for a great app.