MultiTrack DAW 6

New Features and requests for new features
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MultiTrack DAW 6

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• Sidechain inputs for AudioUnit plugins. Use the 'SC' button on plugs that publish a sidechain input (or multiple input busses), like FabFilter (MB Pro, Timeless 3), RoughRider3, NYCompressor, or Blue Mangoo Multiband Compressor. Sidechain input can source from any other track, pre or post effects, including other tracks that also have sidechain effects. Tutorial

• Per-Region Volume. When editing a region, an additional Handle will control the volume (-45 to +12 dB)

• Vertical dragging of Regions or multiple Regions. You ask for it, we deliver.

• Tracks now allow mono or stereo regions on the same track, the VU meter will change channel count dynamically.

• Separate 'Bounce' and 'Copy' buttons in the Hotbox. The Bounce button will mixdown all audio in selected regions and copy it to the Pasteboard, the Copy button will only copy Region data.

• Realtime monitoring of editing/moving Regions, start/stop/fadein/fadeout/volume, during playback.

• Undo/Redo of track deletion/creation/moving. Tracks will animate back to original position on Undo/Redo.

• Improved Loop Marker adjustment, window will now autoscroll when dragging Loop Markers.

• Wi-Fi web server now has options for toggling 'Track FX', 'Bus FX' and 'Master FX' for track downloads.

• AUView now has 'Speaker' icon used to toggle the output. 'Input Monitor' still exists in the Menu which is for CoreAudio/IAA inputs.

Many more things.

Version 6.3.5
Fixes crash introduced in last version on iOS 12 or lower.

Version 6.3.4
Maintenance release. Fixes issues with plugin initialization when switching audio hardware.
Fixes an issue with the project converters when opening super old projects.
This will be the last version supporting iOS 14 or lower. The next version (7.0) will support iOS 15 or higher only and will be a major update.

Version 6.3.3
Improved UI look and feel, snapping, and Tooltips.
Fixed some issues associated with Stem Mixdown.

Version 6.3.2
Adds dB markings to Large Fader VU Meters.
Large Input Fader can expand up to a 32 channel VU Meter.
New Create Song panel with song name and bits/rates.
Puts a Measurement Mode toggle in the Options pane.
Adds a tooltip to the Large Pan Knob (-64 to +63).
Metronome Controller cleanup and rearrangement.

Version 6.3
Allow reordering of track FX by dragging tabs (Compressor, EQ, and AudioUnit chain).
Allow dragging of AudioUnit windows outside of screen edges.
Adds sorting of AudioUnits in selection panels with most recently used at the top.
'Allow Portrait' toggle switch for iPhone in (default is on), switch off to force landscape.
Store last selected 'Ruler' and 'Time Display' metronome settings, as default for new songs.
Fix: Error message for stem mixdown when running out of filespace.
Fix: Waveform view maintains zoom level, when rotating device or changing screen size.

Version 6.2.8
Track Duplicate feature, use the Hotbox to make an exact duplicate of an entire track with all settings/plugins.
Improved loop marker and ruler tracking, workarounds for the new iOS 15 invasive 3 Dot split view button.
Fixed issues with multi-region paste, track text, Sender bubble, input monitoring/volume/peaks, latency, piano triggering, AUv3 instruments with inputBusses, Audiobus Senders, Render Timeouts, and general stability all around.

Version 6.2.7
Mute/unmute per region.
Use the iOS 14 ColorPicker for changing track color, with a wider range of colors.

Version 6.2.6
Fix the silence bug when projects had exactly 32 tracks.
Avoid circular dependencies with sidechain.

Version 6.2.5
Enable iOS Status Bar for iPad split screen or slide over mode.
Fix the broken input monitor for IAA (was using the auSpeakered flag).
Fix the unmute when bouncing, introduced in last point update.
Stop following playhead when Hotbox is open.

Version 6.2.4
Added Bounce button to Audio Browser.
Render Timeout improvements, for specific AUv3's that improperly throw these when starting up.
Always launch tacked plugins when AudioUnit instantiated, like unmuting or toggling power.
Fixed audio glitches when editing regions during playback.

Version 6.2.3
Addressed an issue affecting the VU meter of mono tracks.

Version 6.2.2
Avoid any circular sidechain references on tracks with other (Post FX tap) dependencies.
Allow any non-frozen track (Pre FX tap) as sidechain source for any chain.
Disallow freezing of tracks being used as (Pre FX tap) sidechain dependencies.
Addressed an issue with the Music import on iPhone/iPod non-popover devices.
Fixed the 'Track FX' option in the Wi-Fi track download.
Allow Wi-Fi track download even if the track is muted.

Version 6.2.1
Workaround for an Apple bug that affects AUv3 plugins that try to send midi data on iOS 15.
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Re: MultiTrack DAW 6.2

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I really appreciate the latest flurry of updates, great to see all of the continuing improvements. My favourites are the vertical region drag and mutes! Cheers.
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Re: MultiTrack DAW 6.2

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Thanks! 🍺
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