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Copy a subset of selected tracks to new file?

Posted: May 9th, 11:48 pm
by Tabbycat
I have a 24-track file I’d like to copy, say only six tracks to a new file, but only a selected portion of them. I tried selecting tracks then using Copy from the HotBox, but the Pasteboard apparently doesn’t survive closing the current file.

I could either:

1) Dupe an entire file, then erase everything but the selection from dupe. How do I do this — just copy the file directly outside the app? Drawback is not very efficient plus temporary waste of space.

2) Copy over entire chosen tracks somehow, then edit down result in new file. Again, inefficient.

3) Select chosen tracks AND only portion wanted, then somehow copy that to new file. If doable, this seem best.

Thank you.

Re: Copy a subset of selected tracks to new file?

Posted: May 10th, 12:40 pm
by pwnified
Hmm yeah, I went through these same thoughts for the current copy methodology. Right now, it copies the region data (start/stop/fade/etc) points and only references to the binary audio data. Otherwise, it would be a large amount of copy data, with various audio clips contained within it. So currently, the paste will work within the same song so it works great for repeating parts of songs, from within the same song and within multitrack.

The other alternative is bounce, which will create a mini mixdown of all the currently selected regions. I don't think this is what you want either.

At this point, your best bet would be to copy the song and delete the other tracks. Use the Files app to browse into the multitrack documents directory and make a Duplicate of the song, then tap it to open it in multitrack. Now delete the offending tracks from the song and do an audio flush (Hotbox -> Audio -> Song -> Delete all unused audio). This method will also keep all your track settings (volume/effects/etc).

Hope this helps

Re: Copy a subset of selected tracks to new file?

Posted: May 10th, 9:39 pm
by Tabbycat
Never knew about ”Delete unused audio.” Has that been there all these years? Thought there was no destructive editing.

In any case, thanks!