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Shift Button

Post by anfirmor »

I love this app. Have the “others” but for audio this one has always been king.

The per region volume adjust feature is a great addition. But if a shift type button were to be added to the bottom left of the screen (landscape only maybe) then the play head could be moved to a position on a selected region, the shift button pressed and then the play head dragged to another position to highlight an inner selection. Then volume adjustment of that inner selection only could be achieved very quickly. No need for slicing up. Maybe the operation could leave temporary position markers like the punch in points but a different colour to allow fine adjustment and zooming in. A double press on the shift button to deselect.

A feature like this was so useful in audition (cool edit as was). Maybe other uses for such a region selection could be employed?
Even some simple editing tools could be employed(low pass filters to get rid of a thump, for example)
Just a thought.

I’ve never used a mouse with iPad/iPhone so maybe this kind of click n drag feature already exists.
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Re: Shift Button

Post by pwnified »

Thanks for the thoughts! I'm going to work on a big update for later this year, including things like automation (this is in addition to the region fades. It sounds like your idea or similar could be used to edit the volume automation for a track. Thanks! And thanks for the support over the years.
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