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Transport controls

Posted: May 22nd, 10:21 am
by TimRyland

If there’s an update coming at some point, would it be possible to investigate remote control of transport controls, i.e: play, rewind, record, etc. by something like MIDI from an iRig BlueBoard. It would be a great addition.


Re: Shift Button

Posted: May 22nd, 11:39 am
by pwnified
Good call, I'll put that on the bucket list. What about Apple Watch for remote control?

Re: Shift Button

Posted: May 22nd, 11:50 am
by TimRyland
Probably wouldn’t use it as the idea is to keep hands free and control MTD with some type of foot control. I use an iRig BlueBoard with the Anytune app when practicing, that’s the sort of thing I would like.