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Transport Control via Zoom Livetrak L-12?

Posted: June 29th, 4:06 am
by Matti
I use Multitrack on an Ipad Mini2022 together with a Zoom Multitrack L-12. Everything works very well via USB cable, I am very satisfied so far. It would be very nice if the transport buttons on the Zoom L-12 could also control the app. So Play, Record, Pause and the Record ARM buttons for each channel. Is that even possible or maybe a suggestion for a future update? Thanks for reading and answers...

Re: Transport Control via Zoom Livetrak L-12?

Posted: July 28th, 6:01 pm
by pwnified
Apologies for the delay in approving your post Matti, somehow it got lost in the queue.
So I'm planning a big update for later this year, and it should include lots of remote transport control features. I'm looking into midi control and mapping of various features with a midi learn capability, so control surfaces or midi controllers will work to control most daw functions. I'll also see if OSC is an option, which the L12 might be able to work with.