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How to load and use AU instruments

Posted: July 29th, 2:24 pm
by mrmuzzi
could someone be so kind to explain me how I can use any of the instruments I own (Moog Model D and 15, Sunrizer, Koala etc.) with Multitrack?

I can only click on a track and open the box for mute-solo, then click on input and see the list of my plugins and after clicking on one of them it just goes back to the previous box which closes after few seconds without loading any plugin.

Plus how does MT deals with midi tracks? Does it have a MIDI editor? It just records the output as audio?


Re: How to load and use AU instruments

Posted: July 30th, 12:44 am
by pwnified
Hi Marco, I replied this to your email, perhaps it got spam filtered.
After selecting the AU you also need to Arm the track. And then the plugin will load and show the plugin icon, which you can tap to display the view for the plugin. Right now, it records the output audio directly to the track. I'm actually working on midi and a whole bunch of new features, due out later this year. Hope this helps