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Re: editing start region bug and FR

Post by pwnified »

This is an old post. What ended up happening was that Apple did make the "Measurement Mode" for iOS 5, which cleaned up the signal by removing some compression and EQ, however it didn't remove the 150 Hz highpass filter which everyone was complaining about. Like they should have done! There was much speculation about even having the possibility of removing it at all in software, or if it could be done at all.

Fast forward to iOS 6, and now, FINALLY the 150 Hz highpass is gone when the audio system is set to measurement mode. So you're going to need iOS 6.
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Re: editing start region bug and FR

Post by Evan »

ouch. I OS 6 is no good for my old 3gs. So I've heard anyway, it's slowed everything down.now having a preset EQ curve to compensate exact opposite way of that cut would work perfectly fine and wouldn't change anything and sound quality since the frequency alteration doesn't increase things likehiss or noise, so, perhaps, you could just add that little processor add a second eq window.. it's too extreme to set with your build in eq. Okay I bet you're not going to take the time to do that just for old device users but it is a solution. Thanks for your time. or, am I wrong that ios 6 is going to slow down the functionality of my device
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Re: editing start region bug and FR

Post by martygras »

Having a "switchable" per channel lo-cut (80Hz) on the input channels is common practice for recording anything that's not a bass instrument or earthquake. Most mixing consoles have this.
This also makes it easier for the channel compressor to work properly as it is no longer compressing frequencies that are unwanted anyway.

As it is currently, the frequencies that will trigger the compressor to kick in first are the lowest frequencies which have the affect of the user setting the threshold too low and thus over compressing a track. (whew)

I may have misunderstood what you guys are talking about though.
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